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Water Pump Impeller

Water Pump Impeller

This weekend the carburetor was put on the back burner and we dug into the water pump and reeds. The water pump cover had a ton of what looked like calcium deposits all around it. So we drained everything and pulled the cover off. It looked clean inside, so we just replaced the gasket and the o-ring on the input and put it all back together.

We also noticed, when pulling the carb, that the rubber boot on the reed valve was pretty stiff and cracking. This bike has a Boyesen RAD Valve system installed, so we got new reeds, a gasket, and a new boot.


The Old Reeds

The Old Reeds

Removal and installation resulted in no surprises. We simply loosened the bolts on the reed cage and pulled it free, after cleaning up a bunch of dirt surrounding it. The old reeds didn’t really look bad at all, but since we are going through this thing, it seemed like a good move to just install new.

New Boot

New Boot Installed

After the new reeds were installed, we re-installed the cage on the cylinder and then added the new boot.

All of the parts for the carburetor rebuild have arrived. This week we will finish cleaning it out and get it rebuilt. Then, after replacing the air filter which is a mess, we’ll see if we can get her to fire up.

After that, we are going to dig into the top-end and see what we have there. We will also be installing a fresh rear sprocket, a new chain and begin looking into exhaust upgrades and some basic suspension maintenance. Then, later, we will be looking into upgrading the suspension with something a little more modern and also work on upgrading the clutch and brakes.

The Old Air Filter

The Old Air Filter


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