And So It Begins…


Our new project bike, the ’94 RMX250, has been sitting in storage since 2002. Like the other bikes in this collection, it was not properly prepped for storage. So, we were prepared for the worst…and we found it!

Float Bowl w/ Jelly

Float Bowl w/ Jelly

Being a 2-stroke, pulling the carb was simple, and took less than five minutes. If something looks a bit different here, this bike came with a PJ carb originally, but it was swapped out for a PWK.

Anyway, upon pulling the float bowl, we were confronted with the thickest, stickiest, green jelly yet. Neither of our other projects looked nearly this bad. In fact the XR600 carb was fine. Unfortunately, this goo was in the tank and once we got it started…well, the goo made its way into the nooks and crannies. The lesson here, is ALWAYS, inspect the tank and petcock before trying to start a bike that has been in storage.

Jelly on the Floats

Jelly on the Floats

But back to the current project, Not only was the bowl full of it, but the floats were covered in it too. Not to mention the gas tank and the petcock. Through previous experience we have learned not to let this stuff sit and dry out. In fact, the best way we have found to clean out the gas tank is to put some fresh gas, with Lucas Oil fuel additive, in it and let it soak for a day or two. Then, shake it up real well and empty it.

The carb and petcock will get a treatment of carb cleaner, scrubbing, and compressed air. Let the clean out begin…


Author: Ev'mon

Experience: Riding since '81. Hardware: '94 RMX250; '97 XR600; '95 NightHawk 750; '01 WR426 Ranking: Adventurist Favorite Riding: Tight Woods & Desert Favorite Places: Hungry Valley, CA; Baja Mexico

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  1. Looks like a bird took a dump in your carburetor.

    What kind of premix oil did you use back when the bike ran? Was it green? I imagine most of the gas evaporated along with the volatiles in the oil. We are looking at what was left over. In a way, it’s kind of like bird poo.

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    • Ev'mon

      Nope, have never used green premix oil. Always used the red Red Line. BTW, this is the same color (with the same stickiness) of crap that was in the XR gas tank, just a lot more of it!).

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